NoMad Dreams feat. Ann Assarson at the Harvard Club for a Mardi Gras show!


10 thoughts on “News

  1. Dear Georges,
    Thank you for the cd. It is very nice. Really snazzy lyrics đŸ™‚ Mabrook! I wish you and your band tons of success.
    All the best for the new year,


    • hi, Greg! Thanks, we’re very glad you like it! The painter’s name is Misha Rosnach; he lives in Boston, MA. The overall CD design is by Aneliya Kaleva (Sofia, Bulgaria). Just wait till the album’s released – the music is just as good! Are you from Boston? Our release party will be in Boston!

  2. Thank you for reply. I look forward to buy your new cd as I love your music.
    When do you expect the release party and how to order your disk?

    Thank you,

    • Hello, Mark!
      Thank you for writing to us!
      For now, the NoMad Dreams are set to perform at the Regattabar (Cambridge), on March 16. However, once the Russian CD is completed, I’ll also be doing album release concerts both in Boston and New York. I don’t have dates for those yet (the album needs to be completed first); however, that will be happening in May-June of this year. We’re also working on getting more NMD performance dates for the summer – the easiest way to keep updated on all our happenings is by following our pages on facebook ( and However, we also post all the performance dates on this site, so we try to keep everyone in the loop!

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