NoMad Dreams are musicians from different corners of the globe who’ve come together in Boston. Our repertoire consists of world music hits in 6-7 languages (we’re especially into French chanson) and quirky, fun originals. Our songs reveal by turns a sense of humor, glimpses of pain and darkness, and a kaleidoscope of different music styles such as jazz, cabaret, and pop.

Founded by Vlada Brofman (vocals/songwriter) and Georges Nile (keys/songwriter) in 2010, over the years NMD has grown to include a great drummer Wing La, an awesome bassist Tom Curatolo, and a guitarist extraordinaire who’s added a lot to our sound in recent shows – Chris Brenne.

From intimate house concerts to the Best of France festival at Times Square (2015), we bring our vibrant, sensual, and sophisticated sound to your ears. We write songs that we would want to listen to – and we hope, so will you.

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