NoMad Who?

Nomads. Strangers from different corners of the earth who’ve come together in Boston. We carry a large suitcase filled with quiet Russian lullabies heard in distant childhood, Middle Eastern tunes and African rhythms, French torch ballads and the Spanish penchant for drama. Our songs reveal by turns a sense of humor, glimpses of pain and darkness, and a kaleidoscope of different music styles such as world music, jazz, cabaret, indie, and pop.

Singer Vlada Brofman and pianist Georges Nile started performing and writing songs together nearly 7 years ago. Along the way, they were joined by drummer Wing La, percussionist Issam El-Hadouti, and bassist Tom Curatolo. NoMad Dreams have played for a large crowd on the Times Square (Best of France festival) and for a sick woman in her living room, for passers-by on the streets of Boston and New York, in churches and synagogues, clubs, hotels, restaurants, and parks, at weddings and birthdays.

About the Album

“A playful, joyous album perfect for fans of Edith Piaf and Pink Martini.”

—Stephanie Burgis

Last year, after a very successful kickstarter campaign, NoMad Dreams recorded their debut album. Fittingly, their music draws on many traditions and genres – jazzy chords, French melodies and world rhythms. With thoughtful lyrics and breathy, lush vocals, they create a sound both refreshingly new and soothingly retro. “Each of these eleven songs is just so charming, and what’s more important, listenable. The lyrics have a cabaret or chanson quality to them, and as richly warbled by vocalist Vlada Brofman put me in mind of Melanie, Edith Piaf, or Carla Bruni” (Zachary Bos, Wonder Reflex Blog).

Though relative newcomers on the scene, on their first self-titled album, they worked with a superb team of producers/engineers and musicians. The record was brought to life with the help of All-Star Producers Sean McLaughlin (New England Music Awards Producer of the Year 2013) and Benny Grotto (Aerosmith, Amanda Palmer, “Weird Al” Yankovic). Their creativity and steady hand helped NoMad Dreams achieve their vision. Mastering was done by perfectionist Jeff Lipton (Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Josh Ritter) at Peerless Mastering.

Equally lucky in their choice of musicians, NoMad Dreams collaborated with the incredible saxe and flute player Dave Birkin who has shared the stage with many masters such as Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Frank Zappa, and  Cecil Taylor.

The album is also graced by the brilliant multistyle violinist and champion fiddler Mari Black, reigning National Scottish Fiddle Champion. Her tantalizing solos became the heart and soul of such tracks as “La Belle Du Jour” and “House of Rainbows.” Bassist Zach Bridges and Moroccan percussionist Issam El-Hadouti also contributed greatly to the success of the album.

Band members:

Vlada Brofman (voice, guitar)

Georges Nile (keyboard)

Wing La (drums)

Issam El-Hadouti (percussion)

Tom Curatolo (upright bass)

We also feature as special guests:

Dave Birkin (saxe, flute)

Chris Brenne (guitar)


2 thoughts on “NoMad Who?

  1. i was sent info about your regatta bar gig. i am aj wachtel google me. i am a long time writer for The Noise- new england’s longest running entertainment publication. i will mention the band in the april noise. someone send me a fb friend request so that you can keep me and my many followers in the loop . thanks.

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