Where We Play

Upcoming Performances


The RegattaBar @ Charles Hotel February 13, 7:30pm For Reservations

Previous concerts

Gourmet Garden September 23, 1:00-4:00pm Restaurant
Algonquin Club of Boston September 22, 7:00pm For Reservations
Gourmet Garden May 6, 1:00-4:00pm
Ryles Jazz Club August 31, 8:30pm For Reservations
Ryles Jazz Club: Belated Valentine’s Concert February 16, 8:30pm For Reservations
Regattabar March 16, 7:30pm
Ryles Jazz Club/Cafe Parisien set September 15, 8:30pm For Reservations
Burren Lunchtime Concert Series September 5, 1:00pm Lunchtime Hour Schedule
Ryles Jazz Club July 28, 8:30pm For Reservations
50th National Melkite Convention June 30, 7:00pm Event info/Reservations
MIRA Coalition annual gala June 7, 6:00pm For Reservations
Live from Center Stage (Cape Cod television) April 2, 8:00pm To stream online
Ryles, Cambridge, MA January 21, 8:30pm For Reservations
Carrie Nation, Boston, MA November 15, 6:30pm For Reservations
Simchat Torah @ Makor October 3, 8:00pm Center Makor
Vlada’s solo concert September 27, 7:00pm Center Makor
The Best of France Festival, Times Square, NYC September 26, 6:00pm Best of France
Burren Backroom Acoustic Music Sundays August 16, 9:00pm Burren
Ryles Jazz Club June 16, 8:00pm Ryles
Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition annual Gala June 3, 6:00pm tickets
Gourmet Garden, Hingham, MA May 3, 2:00pm Gourmet Garden
Salem Athenaeum: Theatre of Words and Music March 21, 7:00pm Salem Athenaeum
Club Passim: CD RELEASE March 15, 3:00pm Get tickets
The Winter Garden, Brighton, MA January 18, 1:00pm house concert
Holidays Party, Center Makor, Boston, MA December 20, 7:30pm Five Evenings Studio
Artistic Hanukkah festival, Brighton, MA December 14, 12:00pm Center Makor
Adrenalin # 16, Brighton, MA November 13, 7:30PM Five Evenings Studio
Halloween: Day of the Dead Party, Quincy, MA November 1, 6:30PM Quincy Art House
Cocoa Bar, Manhattan, NY October 14, 8:00pm Cocoa Bar
VINYL KSP festival, Cuddlbackville, NY September 26 KSPus
JETLAG festival, Downsville, NY June 20-22 Jetlag
Touch Art Gallery, Cambridge, MA May 11, 3:00pm Le Jazz Hot
Starbucks, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA March 21, 7:00pm Starbucks Harvard Yard
Starbucks, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA January 10, 7:00pm Starbucks Harvard Yard
Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA December 19, 10:00pm Middle East
Caffe Vivaldi, NYC October 18, 6:00pm Caffe Vivaldi
Charity Bazaar at Our Lady of Annunciation, Roslindale, MA October 5, 7:00pm Melkite Cathedral

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